Handmade decorative tiles have charmed homes for centuries, and they continue to do so today. “Their beauty comes from the slight imperfections and the grace of being individually made by an artist,” says Elizabeth Wixom Johnsen, who along with Establish Design partner Kimberly Rasmussen, works closely with artisans to create handmade tiles for many of their bespoke interiors.

Handmade Tiles
Elizabeth Wixom Johnsen and Kimberly Rasmussen. Photo by Chandler Ford.

“They add instant character, heritage, warmth and soul,” Johnsen explains. As demonstrated in one of the duo’s Utah projects, these tiles needn’t be displayed in large doses to make a big impact. When used in moderation—surrounding a firebox, covering an extra deep hearth and dressing a backsplash above a kitchen range—they add lasting color and character to a décor. “Decorative tile is really architectural art and such a permanent part of the home,” Johnsen says.

Handmade Tiles
Photo by Chandler Ford.
Handmade Tiles
Rue Des Rosiers 15 by Tabarka Studio, Inside Out Architectural, SLC.
Handmade Tiles
Scirocco by Arto, European Marble & Granite, SLC.
Indigo Wash Flama by Country Floors, Inside Out Architectural, SLC.
Handmade Tiles
Duquesa Alexandra Carmella by Walker Zanger Contempo Tile/Crossville Studios, SLC.
California Revival by Arto, European Marble & Granite, SLC.

Explore more talented tile makers here.

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.