Local artist Karen Horne transforms scenes from abroad into engaging art, steeped in vivid colors and lively compositions.

“I like to interpret photos from my travels, then I play with the composition and adapt it. I’m not a photorealist though,” says artist and Salt Lake City resident Karen Horne. Her work, on display at Horne Fine Art, often incorporates an array of vibrant colors due to her love for both oils and pastels—the latter of which she describes as “pure chroma.” Because of her commitment to color, she often uses her talents to capture the movement and striking light of outdoor locales—particularly from her travels abroad. “In the summer, you have all that wonderful outdoor dining, and patios with umbrellas,” says Horne. And this was definitely the case in Covent Garden Diners: “It’s from Covent Garden, but it happened to be quite warm for London, so it felt almost Mediterranean. You have more time to just take everything in when you travel—enjoy the scenery and the people.”

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