Peel, stick and stand back to admire your handy work. Can natural wood walls really be that easy? Stikwood, a California based company, proves it can be.stikwood-bartonn
v-147This is not Brady Bunch era wood paneling; Stikwood is real wood with a permanent peel and stick adhesive applied to the back. Looks vary from rustic to contemporary, as everything from reclaimed timber—sourced from materials as varied as wine barrels, gymnasium floors and fences—to new and sustainably harvested wood of all different types of trees, are used to create the product.
Stikwood doesn’t stop just at accent walls. It can transform any flat interior surface—apply it to ceilings, cabinets, or use it as a backsplash.
stikwood_amb_A simple Google search yields pages and pages of inventive ways to use the product, or the scraps from a completed project. Intrepid do-it-yourselfers have used Stikwood to create headboards and even to dress up plain pieces of Ikea furniture.
Salt Lake-based designer Anne Marie Barton has used Stikwood in a number of impressive projects and says it’s “cheaper than art and it adds texture” to existing walls, adding that Stikwood provides a high-impact look at an affordable price. “It is one of the best, most creative tricks out there to create a modern, rustic look,” she says.

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