Lux metals and rich textures dazzle a Montage mountain residence.
By Natalie Taylor, Photos by Scot Zimmerman
Hilton 15
In the texture-rich living room, a ’70s-inspired glass-topped cocktail table pairs with a wool rug imported from New Zealand.

It’s not surprising the owners of this Montage Deer Valley residence turned to designer Beth Ann Shepherd to elevate the elegance of their mountain getaway. Shepherd specializes in chic.

“Our client asked for decadent diva design,” says Shepherd, owner of the L.A.-based firm Dressed Design. “I told her, ‘You want glam? We are glam.’”

And in just a few short weeks, Shepherd transformed the five-star condo’s granite-laden and dark wood-clad interior into what Shepherd affectionately refers to as the Ice Castle. “Think of it as a reflection of the morning after a winter storm with everything sparkling like sun on new-fallen snow,” she says.

To accomplish a winter wonderland effect, Shepherd adorned the residence with rich textures, polished metals mixed with steel and chrome, and dazzling statements. “I love drama,” she says. “I try to get it into every room.”

In the guest bedroom suite, for example, she covered one wall with kindling stack wallpaper imported from Europe. Espresso, ebony and bark colors enrich the other walls melding natural elements with contemporary design. Shepherd layered the space with tactile delights—furs, textured surfaces and suede—to elevate the effect.

Hilton 8

Mohair-covered chairs flank a custom-designed oak table; a pewter and bronze light fixture mimics sparkling twigs. The adjoining living room features built-in bookcases detailed with antiqued mirrors and Italian mohair door panels.

The homeowners wanted their luxurious residence bejeweled throughout. In the master bedroom suite, Shepherd and team responded by designing around a chrome and steel chandelier that dangles like a piece of Harry Winston jewelry. They then added a European white-oak paneled ceiling.

“My goal was to create a modern, clean and elegant palette for a family who was used to a very traditional mountain home,” explains Shepherd. “Mixed metals juxtaposed with the hand-scraped white oak ceiling are a fabulous, unpredictable visual delight. It takes the room to a whole new level.” Layering furs, an alligator-stamped bench and a chenille sofa adds textures, creating a sexy, chic and luxurious space.

The entire interior is adorned with elements inspired by a Studio 54 mix of glamour and decadence. “We replaced the outdated staircase banister with one based on 1970’s design,” says Shepherd. “It was one of the smallest changes that made the biggest impact.” The new link-design banister and an adjacent wall’s polished nickel steer head infuses instant glamour.

Similarly stunning, big brushed-brass handles on the nightstands in the master bedroom suite perform like jewelry. “I love Halston fashion and the ‘70s simple, sophisticated styles,” says Shepherd. “This leather-paneled nightstand is like that with simple lines set off by bold handles that remind me of earrings.”

Hilton 1

The chrome-and-steel chandelier, set off by a European white-oak paneled ceiling, shimmers like jewelry in this master bedroom suite. An alligator-stamp bench and faux bois rug lend subtle pattern to the texture-dominant décor.

The designer balanced opulent details with practicality. Every inch of the residence had to be multifunctional. For example, a small viewless alcove in the living room did not seem to have a specific function. So Shepherd created a luxurious camp getaway for children.

This “game room” features three-dimensional chocolate velvet-on-gold wallpaper teamed with double chocolate hideout drapes and plush shag carpet. The thick fabrics muffle sound, so kids can hide away to watch movies or just hang out without disturbing others in the home. A surprising light fixture features cutouts in its bottom; turn on the light and the walls shine with what appear to be shimmering stars.

Hilton 28

A 1970s-inspired banister sets off a polished nickel steer head.

In the master bedroom suite, a built-in niche transformed into an office maximizes space without sacrificing glamour. Its walls boast Brazilian albino cowhide cut into large squares applied in a memorable, patchwork design.

“It’s a new way to use classic materials for unexpected results,” says Shepherd. The designer also enhanced and lightened the living room’s traditional dark cabinetry by adding Italian ivory mohair panels and inserting antiqued mirrors behind the built-in bookcases. Similar dynamic treatments flourish throughout. “We wanted to create spaces in which every corner excites and entices,” the designer says. To her client’s delight, Shepherd and her team did just that.

Hilton 6

A commissioned, crushed gold-foil art piece floats in an espresso frame above the living room fireplace.

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