Interior Stylist Noelle Wright artfully arranges photo-worthy moments in homes across the state. To add charm and personality to even the most modern homes, she suggests the following must-have home styling items.

Rattan Pedestal Bowl, $114, House of Jade

This bowl makes it easy to use fresh produce as décor. Pile some apricots, plums or artichokes in the bowl and display them right on your counter.

Home Stying Items

Wooden Serving Platter Set, $111, Alice Lane Home Collection, SLC.

I love this set simply stacked on a kitchen counter or individually spread across a kitchen table filled with different colorful fruits and veggies. 

Home Stying Items

Scottish Wool Throw, $300, Heirloom Art Co..

Every room needs the softness of a throw. I love that these throws have such rich colors, and it’s a bonus that they are double-faced.

Jack Be Nimble candlesticks, starting at $29 each, Foundation Goods, SLC.

The right candlesticks instantly set the mood and elevate the look for any table.  

Home Stying Items

Corbin Mini Accent Lamp, $431, Alice Lane Home Collection, SLC.

Lighting is one of the most important elements to create a mood and feel in the room. You can put this little light anywhere and it brightens up a spot. Try it out somewhere unexpected, like a kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Home Stying Items
Rishi Jar, $328, House of Jade.

Place whatever is in bloom in your yard into this beautiful jar and use it as a table centerpiece, on your kitchen island or on an entry or coffee table. There are so many ways to go big and bring the outdoors in.

Home Stying Items

Riviera Hand Towel, $29, Foundation Goods, SLC.

It’s definitely a luxury to have a good hand towel in the kitchen. I love the look of one thrown over the side of the sink. 

Home Stying Items

Sun River Gardens, Orem.
Orchid Dynasty, SLC and Millcreek.
Cactus and Tropicals, SLC and Draper.

Every room needs a touch of green. It’s amazing how much life it can add. House plants and trees.

Home Stying Items
Simone French Gingham Tablecloth, $180, Foundation Goods.

You can find more tips for interior styling here.

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.