You’re not the only one charmed by the bold design and majestic mountain setting showcased in this home tour featured in our summer issue. Like you, we can’t get enough of this scenic Woodland Hills home and the interiors shaped by Becki Owens and a team of pros. Fortunately, we have must-see images that didn’t make it into the original layout, and we’re happy to share. Enjoy the views!

Designer Becki Owens collaborated with her brother Brett Boyce, president of Split Rock Custom Homes, and McQuay Architects‘ Rob McQuay to create the home’s natural appeal. In the great room, a soaring, angled ceiling crowns the adjoining living, dining and kitchen spaces.

Rob McQuay, McQuay Architects, Split Rock Custom Homes, Home exterior, Roof, Mountain home
Photo by Rebekah Westover

Designed my Rob McQuay, principal of McQuay Architects, the hillside house steps down the site and features materials and colors that complement the landscape. McQuay sloped the home’s roof lines upward toward the perimeter, continuing to exterior overhangs.

Woodland Hills home, Deck, Patio, Split Rock Custom Homes, Brett Boyce, Becki Owens, Patio furniture, Hot tub
Photo by Rebekah Westover

The interior’s casual, nature-based design moves seamlessly outdoors onto inviting decks and patios surrounded by stunning scenery. “Anytime we start a home, we start by looking at what is going on outside and then blur the lines between indoor and outdoor,” Boyce says.

Split Rock Custom Homes, Becki Owens, Dining room, Hide rug, Windows,
Photo by Rebekah Westover

Owens used the irregularly shaped, hair-on-hide rug to take the edge off the rectangular windows and furnishings in the dining area.

Woodland Hills home, Split Rock Custom Homes, Becki Owens, Rugs, Rack
Photo by Rebekah Westover

“People are afraid do decorate with black,” Owens explains, “but if it isn’t too crazy, it can create depth by adding a punch.”

Hudson Valley Lighting, Kitchen, Kitchen island, Quartz island, Quartz backsplash, Range hood
Photo by Rebekah Westover

In the open kitchen, lanterns from Hudson Valley Lighting hang above the island topped with quartz. The same material clads the backsplashes and range hood. “People like it for its durability,” Owens explains.

Split Rock Custom Homes, Office, Wood shelves, Becki Owens
Photo by Rebekah Westover

“Sometimes white and black can feel too stark, so I use wood to add warmth and texture,” says Owens. The light-filled office showcases this engaging mix of design elements.

Woodland Hills home, Round furniture, Bench, Art, Becki Owens, Split Rock Custom Homes
Photo by Rebekah Westover

Owens often chooses furnishings and art featuring irregular shapes and rounded forms to make a space feel more comfortable.

Woodland Hills home, Split Rock Custom Homes, Becki Owens, Bathroom, Glass shower, Globe light, Freestanding tub, Wood ceilings
Photo by Rebekah Westover

A glass shower wall and organically shaped globe light fosters the room’s spacious, light-filled ambiance. Owens clad the master bathroom’s ceiling with wood to add warmth and texture.

Black accents, White walls, Wood dresser, Becki Owens, Split Rock Custom Homes
Photo by Rebekah Westover

“It’s a mountain-modern home, but not so modern that it’s unapproachable,” Owens says. She fostered this style with a mix of black accents, bold textures, natural materials and organic forms that thrive on the interior’s canvas of white walls.

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