Proving that Salt Lake City’s Central 9th District is the place to be, Infinite Scale Design Group, an assemblage of interdisciplinary creative professionals focusing on designs for sports, established their national headquarters on a prominent corner of this emerging commercial and residential district just south of downtown and east of the Granary. 

While a statement building, it keeps its neighbors’ proportions with the street frontage to blend in with neighboring 1930s porch-fronted bungalows and commercial businesses’ window displays. Balconies promote a feeling of fitting in with the neighborhood and opening up to the outdoors.

Okland Construction built the steel-sheathed modern building designed by Atlas Architects of Salt Lake. 

Natural light floods the welcoming lobby where the collection of logos at the front of the reception desk displays the firm’s breadth of projects and clients, representing all aspects of sports.  

Looking the opposite direction from reception is one of several conference rooms, downstairs office space, and the glass and metal stairway leading upstairs to more workspaces. 

Along the hallway to the left is a long counter where employees can gather to look at drawings and discuss an issue informally. Broad hallways, two coffee rooms, open areas around desks, and other design features respond to the company’s need for collaboration spaces. Designers work together from a variety of disciplines to closely coordinate projects. 

The office design also allows for private offices, but the glass walls and doors allow for transparency and transmitting natural light. There are sufficient soft finishes to handle the acoustics. 

Variations in ceiling heights and floor materials guide traffic around work areas. The partition heights allow for daylight to permeate through the space. 

Holiday decorations are something I consider when making photos. When you think about it, decorations are up about ten percent of the year. It’s part of how we live and work in homes and buildings. I ask the question: do the decorations detract from understanding and appreciating the design? In this case, I thought not. In fact, I rather enjoyed how the yellow tree on the lower floor and the black tree on the upper floor picked up the yellow and black of the firm’s logo.