When did you last take time to run a bath and have a good soak? As we continue to shelter in place and self-isolate during the continuing contagion of COVID-19, perhaps it’s a good opportunity to grab your rubber ducky and splash in. 

Luxury homeowners tend to be busy people. When I ask if they enjoy their beautiful tub, I rarely meet someone who has taken the time for a bath. Today, we take the time and enjoy these beautiful places to soak and relax. The opening shot is a home in Promontory: interior design by Marian Rockwood Design (MRD), architecture by Upwall Design, and the builder is Midway Construction Company. 

With enough land around you and an architect who can maintain privacy through orientation, it’s possible to feel like you are outside as you bathe. It reminds me of someone I knew long ago who hiked to almost all the great hot springs of the West because he loved to bathe under the stars. Home in Promontory: designed by Upwall Design and built by Midway Construction Company. 

To prove that point, here is another example. This one is by Jaffa Group Design Build, Scott Jaffa, architect. 

This home, designed by architect Arthur Dyson, makes you feel like you are in a treehouse. The metal and glass tapered point cantilevers out into the treetops. 

For some, a truly great bath requires a beverage and a book. The ceramic side table adjacent to the bathtub anticipates this in this Promontory home by Bridgwater Consulting Group (Clive Bridgwater).

For a hot soak after a cold day skiing, a fireplace sets the perfect scene in this Park City ski-in/ski-out home designed by architect Jonathan DeGray. 

Many of the bathroom suites with soaking tubs are large, but a tub can fit in more modestly sized spaces, like this Old Town Park City duplex designed by Elliott Work Group. 

The use of black striated marble beneath the bathtub and in the shower makes this bathroom a favorite. Home in Glenwild: interiors by AMB Design (Anne-Marie Barton), built by Dubell Construction, with architecture by Bill Van Sickle. 

This loft bathroom has carefully placed windows to offer views of the Pacific Ocean in this coastal home with interior design by Karen Butera. 

Taking time for the things we enjoy seems to be the upside of these challenging days. I am finding more people are pausing to be kind and acknowledge one another, even though we are keeping our proper social distance of two meters. 

Hope you, too, are finding some special moments. Hang in there and stay well.

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