Swivel chairs are all the rage today, offering stylish seating that captures 360-degree views from a single, ultra-comfortable spot. But these rotating seats are nothing new. They’ve been making the rounds for decades. Consider this Good Egg Chair designed by Milo Baughman in 1967. It’s a midcentury modern classic that is as relevant and chic today as it was when it was conceived more than 50 years ago.

Is it any wonder modern swivel chairs are all the rage? Sure, they look ultra cool, but they also allow you to see whatever you like with a simple turn. Fireplace, TV, mountain views and more—all from one seat.

1. Axelle swivel chair by Verellen, to the trade, Curate, SLC 

2. Upton leather swivel chair by CR Laine, $1,499, Osmond Designs, Lehi and Orem 

3. No. 798 chair by A. Rudin, to the trade, John Brooks Inc., SLC 

4. Ventura swivel lounge chair by Palacek, starting at $2,650, Ward & Child—The Garden Store 

swivel chairs

5. Lucy full swivel chair by Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams, starting at $ 2,582, Alice Lane Home Collection, SLC 

swivel chairs

6. Roxy-O swivel-tilt tub chair with brushed bronze base from Thayer Coggin, starting at $2,750, Forsey’s Fine Furniture, SLC 

swivel chairs

7. Gamma Gem leather swivel chair, $5,050, San Francisco Design, SLC

swivel chairs

8. The Good Egg Chair from Thayer Coggin, starting at $2,300, Forsey’s Fine Furniture, SLC

Feature Photo: Webster leather swivel chair, $1,581, Bernhardt Interiors, Murray

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