In nearly every design article, you read the phrase “Classic design with a modern twist.” That look is what every client seems to be gunning for. Certainly no homeowner wants a room that will be out of style in a season, but how do you attain that balance?

That’s where builders (and visionaries) like The Fox Group come in.

Tom and Cara Fox, owners and principal designers at The Fox Group Construction.

They believe if the backdrop is well-thought-out, your home will always feel put together, no matter the trends that filter through.

Here are their top three design facets, that help them keep their homes looking timeless yet stylish.

1. Materials

The Fox Group encourages all their clients to put money where it matters: into quality materials that they know will last a lifetime. They draw inspiration from traditional 1800’s homes, and use a lot of the same natural materials you’d see in those old-school Virginia spaces: solid wood, real marble, classic textures and nothing plastic if they can help it.

“With our design, you won’t need to rip up floors or cabinetry,” says Cara Fox, who owns and designs for The Fox Group with her husband, Tom. “If you put the money into the hardscapes of a home, you can afford to play with shifting trends and styles.”

Along with surefire materials, The Fox Group also recommends that homeowners stick to a coordinated palette of colors for the backdrop of the home.

2. Customizations

While The Fox Group tends to stick to historic design, they often play with various elements to modernize design to each client’s vision.

Looking for a more feminine feel to your closet? They’ll add a pop of pink or some cheetah-print paneling. Wanting to bring more of your personality to a room? They can bring a lattice ceiling in to match a gardener’s workspace, or a built-in library for a bookworm.
Customizations are the best way The Fox Group to keep timeless homes up-to-date and stylish.

“We like to make little tweaks to bring out whatever ‘mood’ a client is looking for in a room,” Cara says.

3. Wainscoting

Wainscoting adds depth, character and visual interest to a room, and has always been the bread and butter of The Fox Group’s design. The designers believe that if your home’s background is well-thought-out, the home will be true to your taste, no matter the trends you bring in to furnish it.

“It adds an element of custom craftsmanship, and makes your design seamless,” Cara says.

Seamless paneling is The Fox Group’s specialty. They incorporate the same styling in trimwork, built-in cabinetry and carpentry throughout each home, to make it clear in every room that the design was intentional from the very beginning.

When a scheme is present throughout the space, it will feel put together no matter where the style trends blow your tastes in furnishings.

See more of The Fox Group’s project’s, and see their design expertise at work here!

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