HüGA is a variation of the Danish word hygge, which translates into a state of coziness and comfortable conviviality that induces a feeling of contentment and happiness. If you could use a little more contentment and happiness is your life, consider HüGA Home Design.

Built on the foundation of friendship and warmth, this full-service interior design team can help you create spaces you want to linger in and abodes that help you recharge. “We specialize in high-end luxury homes,” says Julia Childs, owner and senior designer. “Personal service and customization are our forte. We focus on every detail, from working with architects and builders to turning over the keys and walking away from a fully stocked kitchen.” 

The team—Childs along with senior designers Megan Hunter and Heather Taylor—envisions each client living in their home. “Every person is different, every house is different,” says Childs. “We don’t replicate. We ask how they are using their home: Is it a full-time home, retirement dwelling, gathering place for family or rental property? Then, we take a long, hard look at how their style pertains to today’s design according to their vision.”

HüGA Home Design is known for its contemporary desert styling with a pueblo influence driven by the stunning landscape of southern Utah. “People are always surprised by our level of detail,” says Childs. “It’s a personal and emotional experience, and we offer more than design; we provide the comfort people crave.”  

“Passion. We live and breathe and eat design. It’s what we get up for. We love the beginning, middle and end—there’s not a part of the process that doesn’t interest us. Understanding every part of it, why we can or can’t do something, and building ideas off of that keeps things exciting.” —Julia Childs, Owner

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People from all over the globe are moving to St George, people we’ve never worked with before. They’re bringing fresh and new personalities to this area. It’s thrilling, because they offer a different perspective and we get to build off those visions and introduce them to new products. The results are dazzling.


We are excited for this pandemic to be over. Our work brings comfort to people at a personal level. Because people can’t travel, home is where they’re going and they are hungry for new ideas. We’re collaborating with manufactures and dealers and local tradesmen to building that community. We’ll be excited when we can do that in person again.


Staying on top of trends but experiencing nature, getting out and having time to share moments of friendship with clients. Nature is our art and influence. We create a cohesive experience, inside and out, with red rocks and sage as the focal point. Even if the doors are closed, you feel like you’re out on the veranda. 

2279 Santa Clara Dr., Santa Clara

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