When it comes to design, inspiration is everywhere. And these days, hotels are hotbeds of decorating ideas. Take the Amara Resort located above Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona. During a recent visit, I couldn’t help but admire the imaginative collections of simple items serving as fantastic focal points. I snapped a few of these clever ideas, yours free for the taking.

1. Baskets

Sure, you can stack baskets on shelves or store them in the closet. But why not let them punctuate a richly painted wall with their shapes and patterns? This easy-to-execute grouping transforms a plain wall into an eye-catching design statement.

2. Succulents

One potted cactus is fun. A row of them lined up in brightly colored pots is fantastic. The trick is to gather them rather than scatter them here and there. Remember: Collect, don’t clutter.

3. Spoons

First, gather as many vintage spoons as you can find. Next, partially dip them in assorted colors of paint. Finally, arrange them on your wall to create a large statement of small, pulled-from-the-drawer utensils.

4. Potted Plants

Know this: Houseplants are all the rage. And hanging houseplants? Well, they are better than ever. This collection of geometrically shaped pots, planted and hung in a row at various heights creates a spectacular, see-through room divider. Sure, the pots are different shapes and sizes, but because they are made from the same material and identically colored, they are viewed as a single design element. That’s clever.

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.