Black may seem a risky decorating move, but as the stylish spaces of a new Lehi home prove, the payoff can be huge.

Center-Right: House of Jade Interiors’ Erin Morgan, Kirsten Kransen and Jamie Nash.


Remember when we were all afraid of the dark? More specifically: We trembled at the idea of decorating with sombre black. Not anymore. Black has stepped out of the shadows and has become a favorite among today’s top decorating trends. Forget dim and depressing. In the right hands, black turns dull to dramatic, bleak to chic. For proof, we present a family home recently completed by Murdock Builders and House of Jade Interiors. These pros collaborated to create a stylish, livable haven for homeowners who have a taste for the dark side.

Keep an eye out for bonus content on this topic, but for now, here’s our final tip for black decor:

Team with White

“White and black are timeless, and we made sure there were elements of both in every room,” says Kransen, who painted most of the home’s walls white. “They create great contrast for the interior’s darker elements,” she says. Case in point, the bathroom’s black sunburst mirror “pops” against a stark white backdrop. “You can really appreciate its shape on white.” Room to room, the team altered the proportions of black and white to make each space feel unique, yet connected. “You want to create a thread but be mindful of the amount you use in each space,” Kransen suggests.

See this full feature for more expert insight into decorating with black!

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.