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Incredible Dwellings’ unassuming storefront does not prepare you for what’s within. Located at 380 E. 1700 South, it houses a beautiful collection of home décor accents. What it arguably showcases best is the artistic genius and creative talent of the woman who brought us this local gem.

incredible dwellings
Eleanor Garcia Ramirez / Owner, Lead Designer

Eleanor Ramirez has always had a flair for aesthetics. Growing up in the Philippines, she originally trained to be a biology professor, but her dream was to create a design studio that blended passion, comfort and style without sacrificing affordability.

incredible dwellings

Fast forward to many years later in 2015 when Incredible Dwellings first opened its doors, and Ramirez has been transforming her clients’ spaces ever since.

For Ramirez, a well-designed house has lasting impacts on one’s life. Her fresh approach to design prioritizes her clients’ needs, whether that be functionality, sentimental value or style.

incredible dwellings

“Here at Incredible Dwellings, our passion is to bring out the best in your house,” she says. “To create joy in that space, make your house a truly distinctive home to be lived in and enjoyed.”

“We love using unexpected items on walls as an alternative to flat wall art. Something with texture and dimension can make all the difference.” – Eleanor Garcia Ramirez, Owner / Lead Designer

Ask the Expert


We’re constantly improving by researching new products, engaging with clients in a better way, and acquiring updated design technologies to enhance our work flow. Being able to grow and offer online solutions is huge. And as promised, we continue to give back to the community in new and exciting ways.


Layering colors. It’s always fun to see the way color can enhance a space. Bright accent walls and colorful furniture can give a space so much more personality. And then, make sure to balance those vibrant bursts with unique, organic pieces.


Repurposing items is a great way to keep it fresh. America’s buying perspective is all about buying new, but I’ve found things in my clients’ garages or attics and given them new life. You never know what treasures you have hiding in your own home. 

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