It’s that time of year again when color fills our world outside—from fresh-cut grass to the awakening lilac bushes everything shouts, “spring is here!” But why keep all that scent and color outside? Bring it in and brighten up the place. Indoor blooms aren’t only pleasing to our eyes: a study by Kansas State University linked indoor flowers with well-being, and participants from a research group at Rutgers University reported long-term positive effects including a noticeable reduction in depression and anxiety. Flowers are something we give to the people we care for when we want them to feel good and show love. So why not show ourselves some love with indoor blooms?

The Utah Cut Flower Farm Association can help you do just that. Created by Heather Griffiths of Wasatch Blooms, they support local flower farms through education, outreach and research programs from farmers to growers alike. They provide a range of different memberships (from as low as $30) to support your new flower hobby. Members become a part of a new community of growers and receive up-to-date research and discounts on gardening supplies and special events. But if you don’t want to grow your own, get out of the house and visit one of the many flower farms in Utah to support a local grower and brighten up your world.

Photo by Elisha Braithwaite; Courtesy of Wasatch Blooms


Apiana Blooms: 385-262-4078,

Calluna Flower Farms: 4360 S. 3600 West, West Haven,

Cherry Petal Flower Farm: Kaysville,

Chateau Monette Flower Farm: Payson, 801-735-1763,

Florage Farms: 9971 S. Utah High- way 165, Paradise, 435-760-3641,

Freckle and Flower Farm: Enterprise, 435-231-3802,

Jershon Farm: 1090 S. 800 East, Lewiston, 84320, 435-755-0310,

Lily and Juniper Blooms & Designs: Ogden, 801-678-5666,

Three Sprouts Flower Farm: 16 Countryside Rd., Farmington, 801-923-3312,

Wasatch Blooms: SLC, 435-213- 6565,

Willow Creek Flower and Herb: 1553 Old US 91, Mona

Petal Orchard: 400 S. Holdaway Rd., Vineyard, 801-824-5996

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