The team at Inside Out Architecturals have brought their attention to the importance of comfort, safety and functionality in our own personal spaces. With the challenge to balance home and work life within the same dwelling, people are discovering ways to creatively isolate office spaces from general living spaces. Some people also need to provide learning spaces for children’s home study. 

Owner Leah Wynn, with team Anna Ayala, Lance Brimhall, Sue Lindquist and Tara Thomas can help you creatively identify and define functional spaces and then personalize and beautify them.

Inside Out Architecturals

For centuries, successful builders and architects have dared to use design elements differently, creating new standards and opening the door for further evolution. “We are fortunate to live in a time when technology and creativity merge to create more comfortable, functional and creative spaces,” says Leah Wynn, owner. “Inside Out Architecturals provides a variety of materials to create an environment customized for every individual.”

Representing more than 50 unique decorative tile lines, Inside Out Architecturals boasts an intriguing collection of tile options from one-of-a-kind stones and large-format glass to enduring traditional flooring and historical ornamentals. “We carry the handiwork of today’s artisans in metal and ceramic tile, glass and dimensional tile that are best described as art,” Wynn says.

“All the updated manufacturing processes and new digital printing capabilities let us customize tile in every way imaginable. We can replicate wood, feathers and even add a photo on tile now. We work with local artisans to tailor each project to you—down to the smallest detail.” —Leah Wynn, Owner

Inside Out Architecturals

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Square is cool. We’re back to where we started folks: square one. You’ll see this traditional shape used in backsplashes, shower walls, floors and more. Zellige tight-set, rough-cut edge square tiles—handcrafted by artisans in Morocco—are all the rage. 


New Ravenna custom stone and glass mosaic tiles. Exquisite patterns are created in a computer and then hand-cut. The possibilities are endless: from stones to waves and starry-night skies to art nouveau lilies, these tiles are just breathtaking.


Mixing textures in stone tiles. For example, limestone tiles can be installed in a variety of honed, smooth, shiny and wire-brushed textures. We also offer 30×30-inch square porcelain tiles that are an inch thick so they can weather our freeze/thaw cycle and be installed in different textures on outdoor decks.

Inside Out Architecturals

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