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3410 S. 300 West, Salt Lake City | 801-487-3274 |

This is no ordinary showroom. Inside Out Architecturals is the ultimate art tile destination in Utah. From wood parquet to glass, custom mosaic to historical ornamental, its lines are sourced from more than 50 different global manufacturers.

inside out architecturals

Owner Leah Wynn—with team Anna Ayala, Sarah Pennington Booher, Sue Lindquist and Swarnali Satpathy—gather exemplary artisan lines to help clients recreate authentic designs.

inside out architecturals

The showroom is loaded with the latest trends and colors. “Blues are hot this year,” Wynn says. “From deep dark, glossy, sexy cerulean to white with a hint of sapphire.”

inside out architecturals
Leah Wynn / Owner

Want to create a hip look? Try mixing beat-up, gnarly, old tiles with new sleek, modern ones. Imperfect, undulating hand-rolled surfaces, moody glazes and molded details you remember from your grandma’s bath, you’ll find them in our showroom,” Wynn says.

“It’s good to be square. Try offsetting one, you might like it. It’s fun to be a little off sometimes. I love square tiles installed in the same space in different directional patterns.” – Leah Wynn, Owner

Ask the Expert


As we grow, we’re working with more local artisans to offer their pottery, glass and metal wares to our clients. We are so excited about all the talent and possibilities we’re finding.


The resurgence of art deco with its precise and boldly delineated geometric shapes and strong colors. Elegant hues with classy shapes are bringing glam back to wall spaces, flooring and focal points.


Soft silky matte glazes can be found in all sizes, shapes and colors. Mixing these with texture or glossy tile helps gives surfaces extra depth and dimension.

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