From an updated ice cream truck, Joy Pops’ Kalli LeBaron brings flavor-packed paletas to Utah.

Kalli LeBaron, the young owner of Joy Pops, has mastered the art of chilling—with flavor-packed paletas, that is. These aren’t any watered-down, sweetener-loaded iced pops. “Mexican paletas are made with a whole fruit base, all real fruit and water. The cream-based ones are made with thick cream, milk and natural sugars. They’re also not churned, so we’re not incorporating air into the base,” she explains. The result is full-tilt flavor and luxurious texture frozen on a stick. LeBaron apprenticed with a pop-making pro from the Dominican Republic, tracked down a retired ice cream truck, found space in a commissary kitchen and then launched her business, Joy Pops, all while finishing high school. For the past three years, she has been selling her gourmet paletas from her Draper-based ice cream truck and popsicle carts that visit special events. LeBaron also offers private catering.

Get creative with your paletas with one of these ice pop drink recipes.

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