Autumn may be a great time to chill, but it’s no time to catch a chill. Better throw on a throw. The chunkier the knit, the richer the weave, the more fab the fringe, the better.

From Top:

1. Herringbone cotton throw, $52, Dunker Beal Interior Design, SLC;
2. Lambswool blend throw, $59, Details, SLC
3. Lambswool throw, $190, Glass House, SLC;
4. Chunky knit throw/blanket, $120, Stockist, SLC;
5. Himalayan Merino wool striped throw, $180, Arte Haus Collectif, SLC;
6. Oyster knitted throw, $193, Alice Lane Home Collection, SLC;
7. Color-fringed throw, $140, Details, SLC
8. Yarn skeins and knitting needles, Blazing Needles SLC

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.