Imagine diving into your private pool, the silky feel of water against your skin as you glide, the sound of waves, lap after lap. Installing a pool in your own backyard is within reach—and can happen faster than you think.

“We offer high-end, custom-made pools as well as Plungie® pre-cast concrete pools,” says Andrew McNamara, owner of Koala Pools. “Depending on your budget, space and timeframe, we can make it happen.”

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Andrew ran his father’s pool business for years. He knows quality pools. If you have a custom project, Koala Pools will work with a landscape designer/architect to ensure the pool complements your home and landscape. 

“I focus on high-quality projects and give them my personal attention,” he says. “I’m accountable and offer the best construction practices, finishes and equipment, so you can rest assured you’ll enjoy your pool for years.”

If you want something pronto, consider a pre-cast concrete pool–they are more durable and aesthetically pleasing than a vinyl or fiberglass equivalent. “Plungie pools are high-quality, pre-engineered pools that can be installed in 3-6 weeks rather than waiting 3 months for a custom pool,” he says.

Koala Pools

“Installing a pool not only adds value to your property, it’s also an attractive water feature to look at year-round—and the health benefits of being in or around water are priceless.” —Andrew McNamara, Owner.

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What’s Ahead

The demand for quality swimming pools shows no sign of abating. There are, however, some labor and material constraints that make pre-cast pools a great option for families looking to enjoy a quality pool as quickly as possible. 

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Plungie pools are democratizing the pool market. It’s exciting to think that more families will be able to enjoy the benefits of a backyard pool. You can have a high-quality pool in less time than you think and, because of their smaller size, they are more affordable to install and maintain.

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Ozone (O3) is one of the most powerful oxidizers available for swimming pool use. Not only does it minimize the use of chlorine, it also works to remove contaminants. The clarity of ozonated water is stunning and offers one of the purest swimming environments possible.  

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