Any Insta-Fashion lover will recognize the name Pink Peonies. Founded by influencer Rachel Parcell, it started as a simple lifestyle blog that journaled a new marriage then bloomed into the creation of a national fashion icon. Parcell now boasts countless fans and followers, as well as ties with national fashion staples including Nordstrom and Tan France, of Queer Eye. 

This season, Parcell’s love for simple, romantic designs is captured in festive pieces she created for Nordstrom’s RP Holiday Collection, now available for your holiday décor But how do you use the collection to make your home look as charming and chic this influencer’s? Parcell offers some of her top decorating tricks: 

1. Keep it Simple

“I love all of my home’s trees, so I decided to let them speak for themselves, rather than letting the decorations eat the trees alive.” 

Parcell’s Pointers:

Avoid going overboard with the tinsel. Pick a palette and stick with it, being careful to allow space for visible branches. 

2. Layer Up

“I like to keep things from getting crowded by using a rule of thirds method for handing ornaments.” 

Parcell’s Pointer: Choose three ornaments that coordinate (whether in color, shape or size) and hang them in a triangle: the first higher on the tree, with the other two forming an invisible “triangle” on either side below it. 

3. Tie it Down 

“I have two toddler and a dog, so decorations absolutely need to be secure. With this method, the toddlers can still touch the ornaments and enjoy the tree, but nothing is going to fall off.” 

Parcell’s Pointer: Use floral wire, rather than stock ribbons or hooks, to secure ornaments on the tree. Loop the wire through the ornament’s eyelet or hook, and wrap the wire around the tree’s branch. If the decoration has a ribbon, use it to obscure the wiring. 

Read more about Rachel Parcell’s holiday traditions, and the collection she created for Nordstrom here [link]. 

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