You may not be hip to the power of decorative trims, but your designer certainly is. With their elegant embroideries and dramatic dimensions, time-honored patterns and fresh palettes, adorned trims transform simple to sublime, boring to bespoke.

Designer Tip: Use decorative trim to add artistry and detail to pillows, draperies, upholstered furniture, bedding, window treatments and more.

Decorative trims, Holland & Sherry, John Brooks Inc.
Photo courtesy of Holland & Sherry

Adorned Trims by Holland & Sherry, Available to the trade through John Brooks Inc., SLC

Lula Ivory, Schumacher

Lula Ivory embroidered by Schumacher

Decorative trims, Edu Ink, Pindler

Edu Ink by Pindler

Synergy Aqua, Pindler

Synergy Aqua by Pindler

Decorative trims, Crackle Braid Oyster/Indigo, Zoffany, Sanderson Design Group

Crackle Braid Oyser/Indigo, Zoffany

Havana Cream, Holland & Sherry

Havana Cream embroidered by Holland & Sherry

Decorative trims, Castille Tape Leaf, Shumacher
Castille Tape Navy, Schumacher

Castille Tape Leaf and Castille Tape Navy by Schumacher

Decorative trims, Turret Tape Leaf, Schumacher

Turret Tape Leaf by Schumacher

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