With her iconic VW pickup loaded with buckets of fresh-cut flowers, Shiann Chambers brings a fun and easy way for bloom addicts to get their floral fix all over town. Just in time for Mother’s Day, we’re sharing her favorite floral arrangement hacks, so you can make the perfect bouquet to celebrate your mom: 

Chambers’ Design Advice

  1. Go for the Greens.

    Never underestimate the power and beauty of foliage, which is inexpensive and offers beautiful variety. Use it as a “base” before you begin adding in and arranging your blooms. 
  2. Use Harmonious Colors.

    Pick colors that make sense together and stick to one theme such as warm hues or a monochromatic palette.

  3. Group “Like” Flowers.

    Think of pairings as clusters instead of “polka-dots.” Follow the “rule of 3.” Clusters of three are pleasing to the eye and will always give you a cohesive look.

  4. Let Blooms Go Wild.

    When working with flowers and greens, mimic how they appear in nature. Don’t fight it­—this will make creating arrangements easier.

  5. Mix Scale and Texture.

    Consider the size of your main flowers. If you use big blooms like peonies, use smaller blooms clustered together to balance out the arrangement. Also, think about texture and mix styles, whether soft with rough or wild with classic. This gives arrangements more dimension and intrigue.
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