A well-executed trip to the farmers market can yield high returns. Romina Rasmussen offers a few tips.

  • Pack light. Bring  reusable totes and lightweight plastic containers.
  • Don’t be shy. Vendors are happy to answer questions or offer helpful tips.
  • Go early for best selection. Go late for best deals.
  • Go with a plan. Check the Downtown Farmers Market website (slcfarmersmarket.org) for what is in season.
  • Be bold. If you see something that inspires you, buy it and try it.
  • Avoid weekend mobs. Tuesday evening markets feature fewer vendors and smaller crowds.
  • Use your smart phone. Rasmussen uses the Epicurious app to find recipes on-the-fly, along with the Eat Local app to see what’s in season at all the local markets.

— Romina Rasmussen

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