It takes a village to build a home. The architects compose the perfect structure, the contractors puzzle pieces into shape and the engineers wire it alive. And, of course, there are the interior designers. They work with the team, finessing functionality while creating the unique personality and special features that make a house a home.

At Humble Dwellings, a local design company, designers are more than just furniture placers and pillow tossers. There is an art to crafting every nook and cranny or wide open layout of ones home. According to The American Society of Interior Design, “style, color, mood, harmony, contrast, comfort, convenience and fit likely come to mind when considering a new design. Interior design concerns itself with more than just the visual or ambient enhancement of an interior space. It seeks to optimize and harmonize the uses of the space to fit your lifestyle.”

There are many factors that come into play when considering the design touches to incorporate into each individual room. How will the space be used? Work or leisure? Will the homeowners spend time entertaining, playing or learning? What are the practical considerations? Where will people sit? How much storage is needed? More or less light? And these are just a few things that pass through the mind of the designers at Humble Dwellings.

Humble Dwellings recently enjoyed  the opportunity to design one of the homes featured in this year’s Salt Lake City Parade of Homes celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. Working with JCraft Homes, Humble Dwellings created a contemporary space with all the comforts and uniques details influenced by global style.

“We try to always keep an organic feel that can translate into comfort and functionality for an at-home space,” says Marketing Director Jasmine Meese. “One of our favorite rooms was the main living room because we were able to fill the shelves with found objects that complement each other and instantly give the space character.”

Humble Dwellings and JCraft Homes have partnered on several projects over the past several years. “Each time, they surpassed any expectations that we had,” says Tassia Thorne of JCraft Homes. “They are so talented in capturing the vibe we were envisioning and turning it into reality.”

The skilled designers work closely with their clients. “We encourage all our clients to incorporate, colors, textures and objects that inspire them,” says Meese. This approach celebrates each homeowner’s personality in the furnishings, the art and the overall esthetics of the dwelling’s spaces. Although designers may have many years of experience and the talented touch of style,   it is, after all, the homeowners who  will be waking up every morning in the homes or hosting family get-togethers every holiday.

Those interested in design services or simply seeking special new furnishings, call or visit Humble Dwellings at 801-613-9570 and set up an appointment to work with one of their designers. You can also go online and fill out their new project survey, and one of their designers will get in contact with you.

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