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Milièu Design is a full-service design firm with awards won for the Huntsman Intermountain Growth Award in 2019, as well as the Renovation of the Year award in 2018.

milieu design

“We love our craft, and take pride in every step of the process—from project visioning and design detailing to hands-on construction management,” says Andrea McCulloch, owner. 

milieu design

Whether your project calls for adaptive reuse of an outdated structure, design of a new building, or thoughtful master planning with sensitivity to surrounding context, Milièu Design’s multidisciplinary team can help you bring it to reality. 

The firm recently transformed an 1800s train depot and a 1900s telephone building into multifaceted business spaces filled with entrepreneurial tenants. They are currently working on Logan’s historic post office.

milieu design

“We take tired, historic buildings that have been ignored and breathe new life into them in a way that is relevant to today’s market,” McCulloch says. “We respect the buildings’ bones, pay homage to the history and approach the process with an adaptable spirit, so it makes sense 20 years from now.”

milieu design
Andrea McCulloch / President and Owner

“To make a visually interesting space, use a combination of design elements. Something dull, something bright, something dark and something light.” – Andrea McCulloch, President and Owner

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We specialize in creating diversified properties that can be used in commercial and hospitality capacities as well as lifestyle showrooms. We let the space speak soul-to-soul to pair the right people with the right property. We’re a catalyst for exciting things to happen. Case in point: Flats Luxury Suites. 

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Digital wallcoverings. There
are so many options that allow you to create a statement in
an environment or customize your own digital wallpaper to add a personal touch to your client’s space.


Blend rustic with refined elements to imbue the space with balance and harmony. 

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