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Utah, perhaps more than any other place, embodies the fusion of modern convenience with rustic heritage. We have a long history of bringing contemporary comforts to the rugged American West. Utah’s founders introduced industry to unsettled territory and, even today, the world’s brightest technology professionals gather to work in the state’s inspiring mountain landscape. Whatever the reason, Utah’s past and present have always gone hand in hand. So it should come as no surprise that Utah is the perfect place to implement Modern Farmhouse design.

Modern Farmhouse style seamlessly blends modern convenience with rustic beauty. It’s the best of both worlds – merging the charm and warmth of rustic design with modern sensibilities, conveniences, and style. Closely related to the Rustic Modern style, Modern Farmhouse brings nature indoors, using wood, stone, rustic brick, and other natural elements. Bringing the great outdoors indoors also means open spaces, including large windows and vaulted ceilings.

Naturally, Modern Farmhouse furniture incorporates earth tones and neutral colors. For some, cowhide and sheepskin furniture complete the aesthetic, especially when paired with modern, mid-century designs. Modern Farmhouse also uses reclaimed wood and natural fabrics to bring character to a coffee table, and charm to an armchair.

Though it might be most at home in Utah, Modern Farmhouse design has increased in popularity throughout the country. Ellen DeGeneres recently introduced her new ED Ellen DeGeneres Home Collection at Thomasville Furniture, more than 100 pieces specially curated to furnish Ellen’s personal homes. The collection features items in two styles, Relaxed Mid Century and Modern Farmhouse. Several of these pieces will be featured in upcoming parade homes throughout Utah.

Manifest in its rustic traditions with an eye to the future, Utah is known throughout the world for its natural beauty. In that respect, Modern Farmhouse is the perfect expression of Utah’s most enduring quality – the simple beauty found in simultaneously embracing past and present.

See Thomasville’s selection of modern farmhouse products on display in upcoming Utah County, Northern Wasatch, Salt Lake City, and Park City parade homes.

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