Crave the appeal of real? You’re not alone. Authentic elements are all the rage in today’s high-style homes, and designers and textile producers know it. Cnsider their latest crop of natural linens, wools and leathers. Infused with spirited colors, patterns and textures, they deliver the genuine beauty, sublime comfort and luxe livability you love.

Heavenly Wools

1: Prima Alpaca Bouclé from Sandra Jordan. 2-4: Lime, Dusty Rose and Fog Prima Alpaca from Sandra Jordan. 5-6: Peony and Sunshine Prima Alpaca from Sandra Jordan. 7. Facets from Holland and Sherry. 8-9: Lilac Josephine and Mimosa Josephine from Holland and Sherry. All available to the trade, John Brooks, Inc., SLC.

If you avoid wool because you think it’s hot and heavy, think again. The fact is, today’s exquisite wools are all-season sensations The fibers absorb moisture from the atmosphere to create a direr environment, so they help toehold in your body heat during the winter and help your body cool off during th warmer months. And wool’s feel is pure heaven. Prized varieties are super strong, sublimely soft, and boy do they drape. No wonder they’re a designer’s dream.

Breezy Linens

1: Keep from Designs of the Time. 2-4: Illusion from Casamance. 5-7: Lonan from Designs Of the Time. 8: Hubbub from Calvin Fabrics. 9: Kikuyu from Design of the Time. 10: Kep from Designs of the Time. 11-12: Yamika from Designs of the Time. All available to the trade, John Brooks Inc., SLC.

You can count on two things from linen: It makes any space look cool and feel fresh. And while it may seem a decorative lightweight, this flax-plant fabric is super strong and versatile enough to elevate the style and comfort of everything from sofas and draperies to bedding and throw pillows. And that chic crumpled-sheet look? Embrace it. No iron required.

Luxe Leathers

Cowhides: 1: Giraffe Cowhide 2: Ocean Petals Cowhide 3: Cheetah Cowhide. 4: Dark Citron Bellezza %: Deep blue Sea Belezza 6. Plum Bellezza &: Industrial Basketweave 8: Mint Trifecta 9: Moscato Corked 10: Java Snake
Hair-on-hide cowhides: 11: Bleached Sand 12: White Cloud 13: Pale Gold Toro. All from Townsend Leather, available to the trade, John Brooks, Inc. SLC.

Choosing a colorful or patterned leather may seem like a bold move, but it’s an expressive way to enjoy the material’s durability and broad selection while breaking free from mountain and men’s-club style ruts. And remember, leather suits all seasons, helping you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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