It has been said that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

With this in mind, I stood staring at my living room, stroking my chin. Why wasn’t I compelled to spend time there? With gleaming terrazzo floors, a carved-stone fireplace and lush garden views, it’s my old home’s most spectacular space. And yet, meh. So, I changed how I looked at it. What if I set it up for more than once-in-a-while sitting and socializing? Out with the stiff sofa set-up and a rarely used leather-topped desk. In with looser furnishings and a round pedestal table paired with two cushy arm chairs. Zing! The room’s look and, more importantly, its livability came to life. Now I’m constantly using the room for everything from writing and entertaining to intimate dining and an occasional game of backgammon.

All this resulted from a minor shift of vision. Imagine the difference another look could make in your home.
To help inspire change-making moves, we’ve packed these pages with thought-provoking projects and people. Take Beth Ann Shepherd, who innovatively used mobile bookshelves and custom chaises to segment open spaces in a stunning Park City home. Then there’s Tori McBrien, whose clients coveted a color-charged Deer Valley retreat. She delivered with vibrant blue accents, including a bright navy inset that elevates a ceiling’s style. Morgan Veenendaal conjured a spirited look for a slope-side penthouse using imaginative details that dazzle and delight. Is that cerulean eelskin wall covering? Sure is. Other pros enliven rooms with house plants (yes, they’re back!), build a party around a surprising black palette, design with halo-shaped forms, create mod bunk rooms and offer tips for creating an engaging monochrome home.
If you’re craving change, I invite you to sit back and give each page a long, studied look. Then do the same to your rooms.

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