What do fire breathers, vintage breakdancers and contortionists have to do with Utah’s design scene? Get ready, stone-snobs. There’s a new slab shop in town.
With Cirque du Soleil-style flair, The Stone Collection welcomed over 400 builders, architects, designers and fabricators to the grand opening of their new 15,000 square foot West Valley showroom.
If it seems like there’s a home on every corner under construction, you may be correct. The Stone Collection has had its pulse on remodels and new builds since 2007 and pinpoints Utah—alongside Denver, Phoenix and Dallas—as the newest hot bed of renovation.
The vast space showcases 8,000 slabs from 34 different countries (flags from each country hang from the warehouse ceiling). “The goal was to create a showroom that sets a higher standard when it comes to purchasing stone and tile. A lot was invested in the design and the layout of each gallery. Not only did we create collaborative work spaces, but the ability to host industry events was a key element in the design,” said Managing Director Mike Hitchcock.
The Stone Collection’s warehouse—complete with LED lighting, wide aisles and gallery style displays—allows guests to closely view the pattern and texture of each slab. “Now, instead of hunting for the right stone, in just the right size, and be able to view the color in the right light, I can come here where everything labeled and easy to see,” says Park City veteran interior designer Vera Conner.
“They’re a great resource for natural stone and exotic stone when our clients want to look further than our slab yard. This indoor showroom is the best out there to take clients especially when it’s hot or cold,” says designer Tally Stevens from European Granite & Marble. “Plus, their staff is very friendly and helpful.”
Welcome to Utah, Stone Collection. We’re thrilled to have you in the Utah design community.

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