Many dynamic spaces boast strong angles, hard edges and straight lines. While striking, they’re rarely soothing. And in today’s world, we all need a bit of soothing. Enter curves. Rounded forms, circular shapes and curled motifs are among savvy designers’ most valued tools when infusing comfort, flow and ease into boldly angular space, indoors or out.

Take the following desert homes in St. George, where round interior details and curled furnishings set the tone for easy living.

Round Interior Details
RL Wyman Design + Create and House West Design. Photo by Utah Valley Videos.

A large, back-lit round mirror is partially eclipsed above a squared-off vanity. Instead of centering the mirror above the sink, designers at RL Wyman Design + Create creatively tucked it into the corner. The result is a visually-stunning yet simple vanity.

Anderson Custom Homes and Allison Campbell Design. Photo by Utah Valley Videos. 

A large ring embellishes an entry’s custom glass door while a contemporary, halo-like light hangs above. The round detail is in stark contrast with the angular lines of the nearby glass office. A round light fixture hangs above the entry, furthering the homeowners love of round interior details.

Round Interior Details
Slate Ridge Homes and Nest Style & Design. Photo by Utah Valley Videos.

Clusters of layered, lighted rings hang above a rectangular dining table below. Their bespoke shape takes up minimal space, allowing the surrounding desert views to take center stage.

Round Interior Details
Markay Johnson Construction and Milley Design. Photo by Lacey Alexander.

Metal arcs shape a woven-backed bed in a bedroom with a round-topped doorway. The pair of arches add character and interest to the modern room, and nod to the iconic red rock arches of St. George.

You can find more round interior details in our most recent summer home tour!

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.