Spring cleaning is officially here, which means it’s time to revisit those overflowing junk drawers and neglected office corners. Taming your interiors can certainly seem daunting, luckily, master organizer Sabrina Gardner is here to help. The Alpine resident recently started her own company Salt by Sabrina, an organization business that specializes in custom acrylic drawer inserts, storage products and instruction. As her business has grown, she’s become an expert at combatting clutter. Follow her six tips for organizing a well-kept drawer!

Organizing TIps
Photo courtesy of Salt by Sabrina

Step 1: Go into your space and assess how you use it. Because the kitchen is the hub of the home, it is most often the best place to begin. 

Step 2: Assign a purpose to every drawer or cabinet. Is it for silverware, cooking utensils or is it a utility (aka junk) drawer? 

Step 3: Take everything out and start fresh. 

Step 4: Emotionally disconnect from each pulled object and see the space with a fresh set of eyes. Get rid of clutter, duplicates and unused items.  

Step 5: Put things back in the ideal way to utilize them for the long term.

Step 6: Revisit the drawer at least twice a year to maintain orderliness. 

Organizing TIps
Photo courtesy of Salt by Sabrina

Learn more about her organization business here!

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