Jayson King, principal at Landform Design Group, brought outdoor living to a new level with this Park City lake house featured in our summer issue. Here, King offers advice on making the most of outdoor spaces.

Jayson King

1) Think about your outdoor areas just as you would the interior of your home and design useful spaces that suit your lifestyle

2) Add an element of fire to bring people together, whether you want to feature it in a secluded and private space or place it in a main area that attracts large gatherings.

Photo by Alan Wilbur.

3) Select furniture that fosters your lifestyle, facilitates conversation and frames views. 

4) Tailor the color palette to accent each individual space. For example, King chose the back patio’s blue cushions to reflect the color of the nearby lake.

Photo by Alan Wilbur.

5) Consider your plantings carefully, and choose varieties of plant materials that add color, texture and seasonal interest across the landscape.

6) Plant ground covers to minimize weeding and maintenance, as well as to add color, texture and blooms that complement surrounding plant materials.

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