Every year Pantone announces their color of the coming seasons and every year, the design world finds their tastes aligning—even before the big announcement. What’s on trend is on trend, Pantone’s pick only seals the deal.
The colors of this year: rose quartz and serenity, a subtle pink and fresh blue, that will be in style for the year to come, guaranteed. Bringing this palette into your home, even in subtle ways, is a breath of fresh 2016 air that will stay current. This year’s colors are playful, yet surprisingly versatile in the home (and even outside the nursery).

Pantone‘s picks, the dual shades of Rose Quartz and Serenity
Hibiscus Pink French Oven with Lid, Crate and Barrel, Murray
Maelle Wisk, Anthropologie, SLC
Distressed Ornament Velvet Pillow, West Elm, SLC
Blue Birch Wall Art, Anthropologie, SLC

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