Designer Kellie Jackstien on… floral trends, hot colors, mistakes to avoid and must-have vases.

What’s today’s hot look for arrangements?

Most of my work is wedding-based. The bohemian, deconstructed look is more popular with Utah brides while out-of-state clients prefer more classic, bloom-heavy arrangements with cleaner lines and more neutral colors.

What’s a common floral-arranging faux pas?

People lose the impact and interest of individual blooms by using too many of the same flower in an arrangement.   


What is your advice for keeping cut flowers fresh longer?

Clean water is imperative. If an arrangement’s water is cloudy, I run water over the flowers until the water clears. I also mist flowers daily because they drink from their petals, too.

What’s new with color in 2017?

We are seeing more color and brighter greens. Foliage will be vibrant with fewer dusty greens and more bright, grassy tones. We’ll even see more green roses.

What vases should everybody own?

Two clear-glass cylinder vases: one eight to 10 inches tall and the other wider and shorter, around four inches tall. These are classic, clean, modern and make floral design so easy. Flowers almost arrange themselves in these vases.   

Photos by: Angela Howard

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