words and images by: Scot Zimmerman

I love my job. I love taking pictures of intriguing architecture and beautiful homes. However, I also love cars. I have always loved cars and driving. I started driving at 12 when I delivered donuts around Vernal. I was always a big guy, so my aunt and uncle told me to sit up straight, and no one will know. At fourteen, I “borrowed” my parents’ Jaguar convertible and drove from the East Bay to San Jose and up the peninsula and through San Francisco. (My parents never found out about my late night excursions.)

To me, cars seem a great way of accessorizing a home. Today I feature homes where I coaxed the owners to let me include their rides in the shots.

Architect Clive Bridgwater designed his own home In Promontory, and for the exterior morning photo he parked his rare 1973 BMW CS in front. While I was making the photo, a cartload of golfers stopped to admire the car.

The owner parked her Cadillac convertible in front of her Entrada home built by Split Rock Construction.

A treasured Harley-Davidson has a special place in this home built by Upland Development.

It’s hard to believe that this dramatic radially curved home designed by Clive Bridgwater in Promontory could be upstaged, but the owners’ Ferrari California in no-doubt-about-it red pulls it off.

Noted Florida architect Derek Vander Ploeg designed his own home along the Inland Waterway in Boca Raton Florida with influences from Frank Lloyd Wright. In front is his vintage red Cadillac convertible.

This blue Ferrari California seems like the perfect car to be parked in front of this Holladay home designed by MJS Architects with a recently updated interior by AMB Design.

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