At the top of Park City’s Colony development, the residents of a new home are never far away from the shifting moods of the sky and the seasons.

Amid the mountaintops and adjacent to a high meadow dotted with small lakes, the last leaves were falling when I made photos of a recently completed home that balances a place to come in and warm up in front of a fire and connections to the outdoors that celebrate its remarkable location. Designed by Otto-Walker Architects, Park City, built by Upland Development (Ryan and Jesica Taylor), and with sensitive interior design by 89 Oak (Salt Lake, Jamie Bellessa and David Clyde), the home is intended for enjoyment throughout the year, not just winters with its ski-in/ski-out access.  

A stream runs by the rear of the home, and the sound of water mixes with the rustle of branches. The rear lot gently slopes into the meadow. Each room on both levels connects to patios and outdoor living. The glass railings on the top level allow view to remain unobstructed from the decks and the interior spaces. 

The entry introduces the home’s materials: stone, concrete, wood metal and glass. It sets the tone for openness to the outdoors with the broad high windows to the left and the glass door with lights on each side. The entry’s furniture selections stay concurrent in color and material to the architectural materials. 

The entry flows into the living room. From the entry, you can see the full open plan and through the home to the outdoors on the opposite side, one of the design features you can spot in Otto-Walker architecture. 

This is the view from the entry and the transparency just discussed. The high, pitched ceiling accentuated by wooden beams allow for a dramatic floor-to-ceiling window to take in the meadow and mountain views.

From the living area is a view to the dining space and the kitchen with a wooden-gabled pitched ceiling. To the right is the glass wine room. As you will notice, the home is filled with remarkable lighting, but the sculpted glass icicles over the dining table is one of my favorites. 

Here is a more detailed view of the stairway and wine room. This hallway connects to the hallway leading to the garage entrance to allow for circulation in addition to the path through the kitchen. 

The kitchen features a mix of cabinetry, including open and glass-fronted shelves. The two islands allow for a workspace as well as bar seating. There are two doors in the corner. The one to the left goes to a walk-in pantry, and the one to right leads to the hallway to the garage entrance. 

I have previously blogged on pantry envy, and I can only imagine having this much storage and workspace. With its desk, farmer’s sink, and wide windows, this one is at the top of my pantry envy list. 

Adjacent to the kitchen is a “cozy” room with sliding doors leading out to the patio and outdoor dining. With the informal seating in front of the fire and views outside, I imagine this is a well-loved part of the home. The table with built-in seating seems sensitive to how we live these days. I can people sitting at the table with a laptop answering emails or attending a Zoom meeting. 

The stone wall, wooden ceiling, and fireplace in the primary suite combine to create a lodge environment. And yes, the paired chairs by the fire are indeed very, very comfortable. 

The mirrors are mounted over the windows in this spacious bath complete with shower and tub in the primary suite to give it a treehouse feel. While there isn’t a neighbor to peek in, there are shades that lower for privacy. 

At this point, we will move downstairs. All the homes in the Colony development have ski-in/ski-out access, so a ski room is essential. This one steps it up a notch with its open fireplace with hearth seating and individual lockers. In the distance is an informal gathering spot with a kitchenette located close to the bunkroom and guest rooms. 

An informal recreation space is downstairs with a well-equipped bar and golf simulator. 

Each of the guest bedrooms and baths are finished with a distinctive flair.

The glass walls connect the fitness center with the rest of the home, and the ample windows make it feel like you are almost outdoors.

At such a high elevation (I believe it is about 9,000 feet), fall was ending. With this long, glorious autumn along the Wasatch, it’s sad to surrender the season. So enjoy this last week before the snow falls and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday celebration.

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