This is the second Promontory home I have photographed for the same family. The first was a remodel that provided the right spaces for them and their art collection. This most recent home was custom designed and built for them by the talented team of Marian Rockwood, interior designer; Upwall Design, architects; and Midway Construction. The result is a lively unique home with an emphasis on entertaining that seems to suite the family perfectly.

The preferences of the design and construction team were evening photos. As the evening hour approached, it became increasingly apparent that the home comes alive at night. I have an architect friend who casually classifies homes as day our evening, and as I continue to photograph homes, this distinction makes a lot of sense.

As you can see in this photograph of the main living area, the design is modern with the curves and dramatic staircases that one sees in much of Upwall Design’s recent work. The abundance of natural wood in the flooring, ceiling, cabinetry and wall above the long linear concrete and stone fireplace adds a great deal of warmth and a touch of rustic to the space. Similarly Rockwood’s furniture selections feature modern lines but mountain references in the leather and hints of forest color. Evening shots captured the interesting light fixtures throughout the home.

I found myself getting lost peering into the granite of the kitchen counters with areas of crystal, color and semi-precious stones that were built and assembled without any visible connections by European Marble. The homeowner selected the stone himself, exemplifying how involved the family was in making the home very personal.

In addition to the open living space and multiple connections to decks with outdoor living and dining on the main floor are her office and the master suite. Featured above is the master bath.

The glass stairway ribbons downward to the casual entertainment area—party place—and guest rooms.

The bar, just off the family area, changes mood with LED lighting behind the glass of the backbar.

The same controller that sets the light of the backbar also varies the color of the LED lighting in the hallway leading to the guest rooms to give the hallway a playful sense of being on the set of a space station movie. At the end of the hallway is a secondary master bedroom with balcony and views to Park City and the ski runs.

At the other end of the hallway and around the corner is a transition to the bar and recreation area. The lights on the wall to the left can be adjusted for different effects.

The downstairs powder room’s stonework and lighting exemplify how the level of detailing throughout the home remains high.

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