We’re all starting to timidly venture out a little more, tentatively, watching to see if the world is COVID-safe. Sometimes I see myself like a rabbit, ready to return to the burrow at the least sign of danger. Featured today is a brand-new store, Dressed, a unique shopping experience on Main Street, Park City, featuring (you guessed it!)—goods for the home. 

Dressed Park City, Beth Ann Shepherd
Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

Beth Ann Shepherd is a familiar face in the interior design community, known for her many high-end designs at the Montage and elsewhere, her staging services for selling homes, and her design store. The new retail location centers on staying home with more style, art, comfort and interesting things to do, and it features furnishings that she designs, orders and has built in her own atelier. 

Custom headboards, Bed fabric
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

Custom headboards are an immediate possibility: chose a design from the display, pick a fabric, and she says she says you will see it soon.

As she explains it, people are spending the majority of their time at home, and it might as well be as wonderful as possible.

Dressed Park City, Custom mirrors, Sectionals, Guitars, Wooden table games
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

Custom mirrors and sectionals are offered, and here two rare guitars with a providence that will cause you to blink. To the side are an array of wooden table games, and of course, the Monopoly hotels are golden and houses are silver. 

Custom art
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

Shepherd represents a number of artists, and representative pieces are found throughout the store. 

Dressed Park City, Custom neon signs
Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

Dressed sells custom neon signs, like the ones shown on the side of the building proclaiming: sexy, sassy, and style. The three words seem to sum up Dressed. 

I photographed in the early evening for even light and fewer shadows. To show texture and detail I added a little fill light, but generally relied on available light. A weekday evening in Park City really surprised me with the number of people in town, strolling the streets, and enjoying the mild weather; perhaps I should leave my burrow a little more often! 

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