My suspicions first arose when I drove up to the classic home in the Cottonwoods, designed by Robert McArthur Studios (Bountiful) and built by Dan Stewart and Tri City Construction (Draper). The proportions, mullioned windows, and stonework combine for a gracious Carolina Southern flair, and the pillared entry was tall, wide, and welcoming. My bloodhound sense was alert: this could be a party house. 

The backyard helped confirm I was on the right track. With a pergola covering the dining patio, plenty of opening doors for people to meander between the home and yard, and a big pool and a poolside entertainment area, it looked even more like a place for a party. 

The staircase in the entry invites the host and hostess to make a grand entrance where the train of her gown would curve like the stairway. The entry sets a tone of careful classic design that refrains from being stuffy, but rather it invites guests to come in and share the home’s beauty.

The home’s spaces layer and unfold, very different from the open plans where you enter immediately and encounter all the public living space. 

The long arched hallway entrance and the series of doors opening to the rear patio connect the formal living room while it still has its own separateness for quieter conversations. In addition to the home’s architecture, Robert McCarthy Studios designed the interior finishes with a timeless classicism. 

Similarly, mullioned glass separates the formal dining room so that visual connection is maintained while a separate space. 

The home’s family spaces maintain classic design but the wood paneling gives it warmth, as does the oversized fireplace. The plush sofa and chairs look truly inviting. 

Continuing in the family space, the kitchen has views to both the front and year yards, large island workspace, island seating, and family dining in a setting less formal than the other dining room, but still with a chandelier and polished wooden table. 

When I spoke to the homeowner, well actually she is someone you laugh with, I learned of the home’s party history: weddings for family and friends; parties for neighbors; and the social hub for all who know the couple. Case solved: it is indeed a party house. 

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