I realize that it’s important to resist telling teenagers how fast they are growing up, but is it equally annoying to carry on how fast Salt Lake City is becoming a sophisticated city?
Those were my thoughts when I photographed 4th West in Salt Lake City, a new apartment complex located by West High that is beyond anything I have experienced in Salt Lake. It offers all the big city style and convenience one could want with a concierge, wi-fi lounge, fitness center, yoga room, a sports bar to rival any in town, and more amenities that I have yet to photograph like a dog park, outdoor sports courts, and roof top pool.
The apartments have open floor plans, kitchens with the size and conveniences of a single-family home, laundry facilities, and outdoor living. I thought these comfortable homes would be a great place for people new to Salt Lake City to land because of the ease of getting acquainted.
One would expect something like 4th West in Seattle, San Francisco, or even Denver, but now Salt Lake City?  The city by the lake is taking its place among cool destinations.

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