by Scot Zimmerman

“What’s your fascination with stairs?” I’ve been asked that question, not several, but many times. Frankly, I didn’t know I was experiencing a fascination until on retrospect I have to admit it’s possibly the case.

Ezra Lee Design + Build

And in my defense, why shouldn’t I indulge in photographing something I find wonderful. After all, stairs are connections, they are sculptural, and they are functional.

Kristin Rocke Interior Design

Stairs are the result of problem solving. They merge a necessary functional element with overall aesthetics.

Sparano + Mooney Architecture; J Squared Interior Consultation & Design

The aesthetics are complicated, too. They are experienced en route while traveling stairs, and with views both up and down, and from the base and top.

Arthur Dyson, AIA

A stairway is a major design element that affects the balance of the room.

Sparano + Mooney Architect; Kaye Christainsen-Englert, ASID, Interior Designer

The combination of the intricacies and mass of stairways make them a natural focal point for many photo compositions.

FFKR Architects

I find also the detailing of the stairways show the mastery of designers and builders. That makes photographing stairways a natural for understanding their work.

Capital Hill Construction / David Hill Architect

So, OK, I’ll admit it. I have a fascination for stairs.

Featured image: Upwall Design; LMK Interior Design

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