Words and Photos by: Scot Zimmerman
I’ve just received word that the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) has awarded Salt Lake City based Design Plus, Inc. and owner Kaye Christiansen Englert, the Intermountain Chapter award for Best Kitchen. The project is a new, modern home located in an area of Holladay with mature trees and large lots. The architecture firm behind the project was Sparano + Mooney. I featured the home in an earlier article, but a congratulations and a relook at the project are in order.
modern_kitchen_utah_style_designThe navy blue cabinets and refrigerator and freezer facing against white paint and a white backsplash gives the kitchen a dramatic graphic quality that is best captured by a straight-on photo composition. The brass accents were important to Kaye, and she set out accessories to emphasize the warmth of the color as an offset to the cool qualities of the white and blue.

The oblique angle captured the depth and context of the space. In the daytime shot, the view shows the patio and outdoor living space. The fireplace continues through to the outdoors, and Kaye could speak to that in her written materials. The evening shot from a similar angle draws the view inside to make the space much more intimate, and it highlights the lighting, especially the artist-designed dining chandelier.
The photos down the working space between the counters and the range show the detailing and carefully considered installation of the design.
I have made a significant number of contest photos during my career. An experience I had a few years ago as a jury member for an AIA architectural contest made me rethink what is important for contest photos. As a jury member, I relied completely on photos to understand the project and its context and execution. It was an invaluable experience.
Congratulations, Kaye.

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