Park City is just quieting down now that the visitors in trendy fashions and sometimes impractical shoes have gone home with memories of their Sundance experience just in time for the Oscar awards this weekend. With so much attention on films, my sharing this week is on films and the pleasure they bring. Hence, the feature on home theaters: places that allow watching a film in a theater setting without having to leave home.

Upland Development, builder

Technology has made great leaps in the screen quality, ease of operation, and options streaming. The experience of a home theater is that it brings people together for a common experience. It’s under control. It’s possible to pause if the group wants to have a meal, adjust the lights to everyone’s liking, and get cozy by putting your feet up, leaning back, and wrapping up in a throw blanket. This theater allows for tracking sports and other programs on the secondary screens.

Lighting technology has really come a long way, and starry ceilings bring back some of the magic of the fine theaters of my past, as in this one designed by MHR (Marian Rockwood Interior Design), architecture by Upland Design, and built by Midway Construction.

Home Theaters

Home theaters are rooms that thrive on creativity and designs that enhance the sense of being transported, the same sense that films offer, as in this mineshaft design (Upland Development).

Home Theaters

New glass has much greater sound attenuation than before, and this makes it possible to sequester home theaters with glass doors. Tri City Construction [Dan Stewart]. These doors fold back so that the theater can become a part of the greater family room.

Home Theaters

The other big recent change is television technology is the screen’s visibility in higher ambient light. This mans the screens can be seen in a room with windows and not require blackout window coverings. The other change in television technology is size. You might think that I used a special lens to make the screen, fireplace and sectional appear so long, but no. That’s the size. (Jaffa Group Design Build, architecture, construction, and interior design)

I’m watching a few of the contenders this weekend in preparation for Oscar night. It won’t be in one of these fabulous theaters, but I will have some fresh popcorn on the ready.

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