There are many things that weave a community together, and in Park City, KPCW public radio is a strong force. It’s where you find out about what’s happening locally, learn who might need some help, and pair the lost with the found, whether it is a wandering Labrador or a pair of skis left on the bus. KPCW also relies on volunteers to host shows and help with the work of the station. If there is any question about how much Park City relies upon and appreciates KPCW, the proof is the enlarged and remodeled station funded by donations from the community.

KPCW exterior, Office remodel, KPCW entrance
The office remodel includes a more open and accessible front entrance. Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

For some time, the station has been located on the second floor adjacent to the China Bridge parking structure on Swede Alley. The door was rather secretly located at the back, and operations were squeezed into a space with winding narrow hallways and not much space for anyone or anything. Architect Carla Lehigh, from Elliott Workgroup, pushed out toward the sidewalk for more space and created a wide stairway and front lobby entrance.

KPCW exterior, KPCW back entrance
Pillars allow for an expansion of the original space. Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

The expansion also pushed out to the north. The extension sits on pillars above patio space for the State Liquor Store in the space below. In this view, the stairway to the left leads to the parking garage and to the original back entrance.

Mountain views, office remodel, office space, windows, mountain views
Inside, large windows provide a view of the city’s famous mountains. Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

A volunteer DJ is at work in the broadcast booth with views to Old Town and the ski mountain. Park City is at the center of important cultural happenings in Utah, and the new building has an interview space to bring groups of people together for hosted conversations and facilities for groups to perform live music. I’m usually tuned into KPCW during the Sundance Film Festival, and I’m excited that it will be much easier to capture the interviews they broadcast.

Office space, KPCW interior, Office remodel
The new, larger hub for KPCW is a perfect space for local DJs, celebrity interviews and even intimate live performances. Photo by Scot Zimmerman.
KPCW interior, desks, celadon chairs, LED lights, office space, office remodel
This new KPCW has both private offices and a flexible central workspace. Celadon green chairs pick up the green from the KPCW’s logo. Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

Tricia Janes of Elliott Workgroup designed the efficient flexible workspace with private offices. The LED lighting lends a graphic element, the low-wall planter defines circulation, and the celadon green chairs pick up the green from KCPW’s new logo. With this wonderful new space thanks to the supporters in the community, I’ll send my wishes that they keep up the great work!

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