words and photos by: Scot Zimmerman

Last week I paid a second visit to Neuroworx in Sandy, a $9 million non-profit rehabilitation center that daily works with adults and children with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions causing paralysis.

I took architectural shots of the new facility about a year ago, and this time Dr. Dale Hull and Jan Black invited me to photograph how people and therapists use the center and the equipment. The photos will be used in presentations to share the accomplishments of Neuroworx and to inspire colleagues.

I saw so much courage, commitment, love, and encouragement in such a short time, I felt inspired to try to take the best pictures of my life. As my regular readers know, my focus is architecture and interiors, but since nothing seemed to stop the clients at Neuroworx, I didn’t let anything slow me down, either.

The photos tell the story better than I can with words. However, I recommend that if you haven’t already watched a wheelchair basketball game in person, please do so. I can’t think of another sporting event I have watched with so much skill, strategy, and hard competition.

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