words and photos by: Scot Zimmerman

One of the challenges a designer can face is to start with a highly identifiable home, and to demonstrate the home’s potential beyond the style and furnishings most associate with it. The owner of the Utah Jazz is selling a home designed to entertain that has hosted people from throughout the Valley and around the world. To sell the home, real estate experts felt that people need to see the potential of making it their own home. Beth Ann Shepherd and her luxury home staging firm, Dressed Design, took on this challenge.

Dressed Design started by clearing the space but selected some pieces to use later. They painted some walls and re-carpeted some floors. It is at this point I made the before photos. I came back several weeks later after the installation was complete.

Then, voila! The home had a new identity, just like seeing the bandages coming off the actor’s face in an old movie.

The design emphasized the views from the high Wasatch foothill location northeast of city center. It maintained the classical elements in the detailed ceiling moldings and introduced an almost Art Deco elegance through the sleek modern pieces with softer angles than many contemporary and modern pieces feature.

One of Shepherd’s signatures in both her home staging and interior design is large original art. The lower level recreation room benefits from a rich green textured painting to compliment the deep brown of the original flooring and woodwork furthered by the furnishings to give it an English club look with a fresh twist.

In both the downstairs recreation room and upstairs great room, Shepherd broke up the large space into smaller sitting areas, which seem to invite friendly conversations. In the great room, the break between the two furniture groupings leads out to the large terrace both visually and practically to merge the outdoor entertainment area with the interior.

Finally, Shepherd emphasized the beautiful outdoor pool with views to the Valley.
I haven’t heard whether the home has sold, but wouldn’t it be interesting to walk through the home, especially if you had been there before?

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