The Edison House, a new urban social club, adds vibrance to the energized social scene in downtown Salt Lake west of State Street.

Salt Lake City is going through some big changes, and one of the noticeable shifts is west of State Street. Even mid-week, the sidewalks are bustling and clubs and restaurants have customers lined up. It’s no longer the Salt Lake of a few short years ago.

With a subtle presence on Second West, the Edison House offers a friendly destination with plenty of options for enjoying oneself. Above, the large E on the metal panel is the only cue to its identity. The door opens to a host vestibule for checking in and verifying club membership.

To the left of the vestibule, a grand space opens with a variety of seating and meeting spaces and a full bar and spacious restaurant. The Edison House is a new building specifically designed for its variety of social spaces built by Okland Construction, designed by HKS Architects, and interiors by Avenue Interior Design. 

A canopy calls out the central bar’s presence in the open plan.

The large space is marked by a number of more private nooks; one is this private dining room.

If you take the right-hand door off the host vestibule, it’s a healthy turn because it opens to the fitness center and lockers.

Central to the second floor is a casual bar for meeting, mingling, and watching games. 

Down the hall to the north is the Speakeasy with a stage for performances and its own bar.

Adjacent to the Speakeasy is a retro piano bar with soft velvet furnishings and wall coverings. 

Staying on the second level and moving south of the central bar is a spacious pool room with music memorabilia. Adjacent is an aerobic fitness room. 

A rooftop bar, pool, sky lounge, and banquet/ballroom occupy the top level. Glass doors fold back to unite the space. It a wonderful place to watch the sun set over Great Salt Lake, and with the open views to the sky, you can appreciate the changing colors of the clouds.  

Putting myself in the place of someone possibly new to Salt Lake or maybe newly a resident of downtown, it seems like an easy place to make new friends and spend some delightful evenings. 

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