I’m truly enjoying the bright sunshiny days of fall.

Perhaps that’s why I thought of sharing this home with you. Set in Old Town, it’s bright, white, and cheerful and seems to celebrate the sunshine whatever the season. While these are summer photographs, I believe this house would look smashing in the snow.


I have experience living in Old Town in the days where I shared the sidewalks with local miners. With the canyon setting, narrow lots, and side-by-side small homes that were built to minimize windows for warmth, my Old Town homes were often in the shadows, dark, and cold.



Not so with this home built by John Ford (J Ford Construction) and designed by Park City architect Bill Mammen (Mammen & Associates Architects). I like the porches at the front that look over town, and the white color scheme seems to treasure every ray of light.


There are classic elements like the moldings; cottage elements like the wooden plank ceiling open to the gables on the upper floor; and contemporary touches like the railings and the edging on the kitchen island.



Believe me. There was nothing like it when I arrived in Park City!

— Scot Zimmerman

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