May announces itself with abundance as the world returns verdant after its winter sleep.  Some of my favorite tabletop photos celebrate lush colors and textures that seem to match my mood right now after spending the morning in my garden.

A butcher’s block had this beautiful assemblage set when I came to photograph this Mill Valley cottage, but the homeowner had run off to an appointment. I never met her and I know her only through the things she finds beautiful.

I did get to spend time with this homeowner and designer, who collected unusual pieces from her travels and tied them together with color and potted flowers to express the joy and vibrancy that she exuded in person.

These are more casual assemblages by the same designer, who filled every nook and corner with surprises she found beautiful.

This is a potting shed tabletop within a miniature, which is itself on a tabletop. I positioned the potted plant to the left to suggest the scale of the miniature.

The taste of summer jumps from this photo of fresh cherries in a farmhouse in Paris, Idaho.

Now,  these garden refreshments should inspire you to pack a picnic lunch.

It’s the beginning of the picnic season. Enjoy!

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